10-Month Old Baby Crying With Emotion When Mother Sings… This is PRICELESS!



All babies cry… a lot as a matter of fact. But this 10 month old baby proved that babies don’t only cry when they are hungry or in discomfort or when they feel like tormenting strangers on airplanes; they can also cry with emotion when they hear their mother sing a heartbreaking song. The mother Аmаndа Leroux was singing Rod Stewart’s 1988 classic “My Heart Can’t Tell You No”… and while she was singing the baby started to cry with emotion as if he understood every word of the lyrics. The baby goes through a whole range of emotions, offering the occasional wistful smile between streams of tears. Watch his wonderful reactions in the video below…


Didn’t he just warm your heart? It felt so wonderful listening to the song beautifully performed by the mom and at the same time watching this beautiful little child get overwhelmed with emotions. He’s only ten months old but he could feel the emotions of his mom from her voice. I have never seen anything like this, ever in my life! Have you? Let us know how you felt watching this video.

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Video Source: YouTube

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