15 Hilarious Dads Who Are Totally Nailing Fatherhood! #5 Was The BEST!



Dads have so many responsibilities… But while trying to be the best at parenthood, some dads do things that are not only hilarious but also make them instant internet sensations! These 15 dads are the prime example of that… what they did, proves that dads can also be funny… not all of their jokes are corny… and they are totally nailing fatherhood!

These 15 pictures of dads collected from the awesome guys at BrainJet.com will have you laughing for a long time… I almost fell down from my chair laughing when I saw #5! Scroll down and watch the funny pictures below…


#1 This Mom And Dad Totally Nailed Recreating Their Son’s Facebook Profile Picture!


#2 “If You Want Your Son To Be A NASCAR Driver… You Better Start Early!”


#3 Nobody Really Thinks About The Parents Taking Their Kids All Around The Neighborhood On Halloween, But This Considerate Father Sure Did! I’m Sure The Dads Out And About Really Appreciated His Beer And Chicken Wings Oasis.


#4 This Dad Totally Set An Example… Out Of Himself!


#5 This Dad Was Having A Little Too Much Fun While Painting The House!


#6 Beware The Bodyguard Dad!


#7 Portraying “Red Riding Hood” Like A BOSS!


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