15 Hilarious Dads Who Are Totally Nailing Fatherhood! #5 Was The BEST!



These dad’s are awesome, aren’t they? Scroll down below to see the rest of the pictures! Enjoy!


#8 When a girl having particularly bad period cramps assumed she heard her mother walk into the house, she yelled “I can feel my uterus pulsing, help!!” It was actually her horrified father. Later, she found this on her bed!


#9 It’s Awesome When Dads And Daughters Share The Same Hobby! But He’s Not Wearing The Right Shoes, Is He?


#10 “Get Off Dad! Now It’s My Turn To Ride The Cycle!”


#11 This Dad Has Had Enough Of “Frozen” Songs!


#12 That’s A Wrap For Today!


#13 Leave Your Message Please! Use This Etch-A-Sketch!


#14 The lighting in Hollister is less than ideal, especially for any older shoppers. This dad wasn’t going to take it, so he wore a head lamp while shopping!


#15 This Is What The Daughter Got When She Demanded A “Six Foot” Teddy Bear At Christmas!


We told you these dads are totally nailing fatherhood! Some of their pranks and antics might not be so amusing for their kids, but we sure loved them! Which one made you laugh the most? Let us know in the comments!

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Have a great day guys!

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