Family Catches Burglars While Being Interviewed On Live TV!



Every Christmas season we hear the news of burglary on many family homes. But this year, a family caught the suspects only 2 days after the unfortunate incident.  When I saw how they did it in this video, it simply blew my mind!  Chris and Sarah Wyatt were out when 4 burglars entered their house and stole 2 TV’s along with Christmas presents and other valuables. 2 days later when Sarah was giving an interview about the incident to the Fox News, she received a phone call that her husband and cousins had found the suspects by recognizing them through the security camera footage, and were holding them at gunpoint for the authorities to arrive. Sarah rushed to the spot and Fox News camera crew followed and captured the whole event. Scroll down below to watch how this amazing story unfolds…


These are brave men and women, I must say! The stand-off lasted for about 20 minutes till the police arrived and they held the suspects at gunpoint all this time. WOW! They sure saved some other families by catching these people, because they robbed other houses on the same area recently. Unfortunately, the video footage showed 2 men whereas only 1 of them has been caught… But the Wyatt family surely left a bold message to not mess with them anymore, that also on live TV! Well done!

What did you think of their bravery? Would you have done the same? Or simply waited for the authorities? Let us know in the comments!

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