This Little Baby Girl Is Sleepy… Wait Till You See What She Does When She Awakes!



6-month old baby girl Yerin is just waking up from her nap… instead of crying after waking up like most kids, she smiles whenever she sees her mommy and daddy. So, the mom decided to record little Yerin’s reaction when she sees her mommy, and the resulting video is so darn cute! Watch how she reacts when she wakes up in the video below…


That smile can melt millions of hearts! This little girl is just too cute beyond words! It’s understandable how the video got over 12 million views since been posted on YouTube a few years back. This is our tip for you today… bookmark this page and whenever you feel sad or a little down, just come back and watch little Yerin smile… it’ll surely brighten up your day!

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Video Source: YouTube

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