Many Parents Are Still Ignoring The Experts Despite SIDS Risk – Are You One Of Them?



Parents do everything they can in their power to protect their children. But this video will show you there might be something wrong with what they are doing. Because this one mistake is made by more than 50% of the parents, And this can truly prove to be fatal for the baby and alarmingly increase the chance of infant death. Watch the video below to know what can cause such an incident and how as a parent you can prevent it.


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), an alarming cause of infant death. Nearly 4000 babies die because of this every year. Yes, you read it right, that is a lot of babies who are dying because of lack of awareness among the parents. When you put your baby facing down in a soft surface that can prove to be fatal for them. Also blankets and extra stuffing can cause suffocation and result in SIDS.

A recent research survey taken out on 19000 parents over the phone concludes that nearly 55% infants sleep with soft bedding, increasing the chance of SIDS. There’s no doubt about the parents intention, but parents need to educate themselves now on the matter and always follow the doctor’s guidelines in order to ensure their children’s safety.

Please, if you are the parent of an infant or a parent to be, take caution! And Let us know in the comments section what should be done to avoid such incidents.

Read the full research results from for better understanding of the matter.

Also please educate yourself about SIDS, here is the Wikipedia article you should check out for more knowledge.

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Source: Youtube


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