[VIDEO] This Pregnant Mother Is Lifting Weights At 8 Months! Is This Right?

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Mothers tend to be most careful during their pregnancies. Following the doctor’s advice, routine checkup, healthy diet and avoiding heavy labour, these are just some of the basics of Pregnancy. But, Pregnant weightlifter Katja Harjanne defies all the rules of Pregnancy 101 and still lifting heavy weights even though she’s just 1 month from her due date! I was gaping in awe as I watched her go through her regular exercise routine, and that’s some intense workout routine by the way! Watch the full video below and get your mind blown!


In this video we see The 39-year-old CrossFit enthusiast Katja Harjanne; pregnant with her first child, but with the support of her fiancée Jason Depner, 28, she is continuing her grueling workout regime which sees her lift 100 kilo weights, pull ups, dead-lifts and God knows what else! The couple, from Brighton, United Kingdom, believe that cross fit has benefited Katja’s pregnancy by keeping her and the baby healthy and strong!

This video made me thinking, is this at all right? Is this safe for the baby? Even the mother and the doctor both are okay with it.

And there are a lot of comments on the video thinking the same way as me, not supporting this intense workout routine of a soon to be mother!

Tell us what do you think?

Is this safe?

Is this right?

Is this something you’d do?

Or have done already?

Do let us know in the comments section!

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Source Video: Youtube Channel – Barcroft TV

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