These Families Thought They Were There To See A Movie…But What They Saw Changed Their Lives Forever.



It’s quite common for us, parents, to go to the movies with our kids whenever a good family movie comes up in the nearby theater. But never have we witnessed anything like this in the movies as this short video we are about see today. Recently, moviegoers in Hong Kong were in for the shock of their lifetime… Before the movie started, an advertisement rolled up that changed their lives forever. Watch the shocking video below to see what happened to them…


This creative advertisement was created by Volkswagen, one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. And the message they tried to convey was simply amazing. The advertisement started with a person starting a car and driving it for a while…Then using a location based broadcaster, everyone in the theater was sent a text message. When everyone pulled their phones out and took their eyes off the screen, the accident happens… what a great way to make everyone realize how dangerous it can be to use your cellphones while driving!

If you’ve been using your cellphone while driving, we hope this video was able to change your mind. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Stay safe while driving!

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Video Source: YouTube

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