This Little Baby Is Smiling Now… Her Reaction When Daddy Starts Laughing – PRICELESS!



Presence of a baby in your life can take you on a wonderful journey which can certainly make you happy, sometimes thoughtful too. Have you ever come across a baby who suddenly started crying as something really unexpected happened? Well, this video shows you such a situation. This little 5-month old baby girl was playing with her daddy, wait till you see how she reacts when daddy suddenly starts laughing… she literally melted my heart! Watch the video below to know what happened…


Oh my God ! I couldn’t believe the child will be such frustrated seeing daddy laughing. Poor little thing… She was so scared seeing her daddy doing something strange for the first time. It happens when the baby is so small that she cannot differentiate between a positive or negative gesture . But she’ll surely smile when she sees this video when she grows up…

Was the father experimenting how will the child react with his laughter?? May be…When you hold the precious part of your life in your hand, your playfulness comes out. The father was not an exception. Being naughty, he wanted to surprise his baby.

This video made me laugh but I was wondering if I would ever want to give that scary laugh? What do you think?? Please let us know with your comments!

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Video Source: Youtube


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