This Young Boy Was Asked To Slap A Girl… What He Did Instead Made Me Cry…



As parents, we try to teach our kids all the good things there is… good behavior, kindness, honesty, chivalry. As the kids grow up to be adults, they change. Violence, aggression and recklessness sometimes consume their once innocent minds. In a world where many women are abused, a social experiment took place where young boys were asked to slap a girl. But their reaction restored my faith in humanity. Watch this wonderful video below to see what they did…


The video says in the end, “In the kid’s world, women don’t get hit”. Wouldn’t the world be a more beautiful place if this remained true for adult’s world as well? These boys would never hit a girl because they know it’s not right and violence is not the right way. I guess this video succeeded in giving us the message.

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Video Source: YouTube

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