What This Baby Does To Her Mom When She Is Sleeping Is Just Too CUTE!



Parents know it’s hard to sleep when the baby is sleeping with you and is wide awake. And nobody knows it better than YouTuber Esther Anderson! Every morning her little baby sleeps with her for a couple of hours and does some amazing things! So, she decided to record this video to show the world what exactly the baby does, and she’s pretty sure every Mom can relate! Watch the video below on how this baby “HELPS” her mom when she is sleeping!


Isn’t the baby too cute? But what he does is just too adorably naughty! All Moms have already experienced what this baby did with her mom, but we’re pretty sure they’ve never seen any video capturing the full show! Good thing Esther recorded it! Shout-out to all the Moms to be, if you are in need of some sleep, always remember, “Co-Sleeping is No-Sleeping”!

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Video Source — YouTube Channel of Esther Anderson

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