What This Officer Did To These Families Completely Shocked Them!



With the Christmas holidays soon approaching, A kind and wealthy donor, going by the name “Secret Santa” asked for help from the Police Officers in Kansas City, Missouri. The Officers pulled over cars and gave away money to the unsuspecting drivers on behalf of the Secret Santa. Such an unexpected act of kindness brought them to tears. Watch the amazing video below to see how it all happened…


It was good to see these officers do such a wonderful thing for people. The donor who prefers to keep his identity a secret is indeed a generous man, giving out over a hundred thousand dollars worth of hundred dollar bills to so many people. The $100’s might not be much for some of us, but for those going through financial problems, it can be a wonderful act of kindness… as seen in the video.

I just loved watching the surprised and then grateful look on those peoples faces. How did you feel watching the video? Let us know in the comments section! Also tell us if you have decided to help out the unfortunate among us in any way you can this Christmas.

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News Source – YouTube Channel of CBS Sunday Morning

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