This Dad Found Out That Some Kids Were Bullying His Young Daughter… What He Did Next Will Surprise You!



As parents, Bullying is that one thing we certainly don’t want our kids to be a part of neither a victim of. Sadly, more than 30% kids in the USA are subjected to bullying. Although more and more people are getting aware of this problem, bullying is still prevalent in our society, especially for teenagers. When this dad found out that his daughter was being bullied, he decided that he had to take a stand. What he did next is so bold and courageous… watch what he did in the video below…


What Bradley Knudson did is something worthy of praise… I’m happy to see him taking a stand against this crime. He tried to maintain his composure and act like a gentleman while dealing with the situation, but sadly he couldn’t due to the despicable behavior from the parent of the bullies. It’s sad to see that there still are people who are this much insensitive and not raising their kids to be good human being. Proper parenting can avoid this kind of incident… Albeit this is a controversial issue, one that sparks much debate… we would like to know about your thoughts on this. What this father did, was it brave? And how the father of the bully reacted, was it right? Let us know in the comments!

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Video Source: YouTube channel of Bradley Knudson

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One Response to “This Dad Found Out That Some Kids Were Bullying His Young Daughter… What He Did Next Will Surprise You!”

  1. Hi Dad, You did everything right. I would have done the same. I knew from the start that these kids had a parent exactly like this jerk!
    This is where it begins, in the home. Any child that bully’s the parents should be fined. Then that’s when things like this won’t happen. Hit them where it hurts, in their pockets .
    You tell your Beautiful Daughter she has to feel sorry for people who are so evil and worship the Devil Himself. Tell her to smile and be Beautiful everyday of her life.
    Lord please bless this child. Give her strength to pass this evil doing .
    We are from Yonkers N.Y.
    And we are sending all our Love to her and you. Your a great Dad. Keep up the good job that you are doing for your Beautiful Daughter , you made me cry !!!!!!!! Please text me.
    Marie Assenzio, Yonkers New York. And text me that jerk of a Fathers name once again . I want to get in touch with his evil self.
    Thank You.