10 Awesome Life Hacks You Need To Know Before Next Christmas! #4 Just Blew My Mind!



Yes we know that we just had Christmas… but how did you do?  Want to learn some “Life-Hacks” to get ready for next year so you are more prepared? As a parent you must be in a big rush to get everything done as neatly as possible; but most probably everything’s a mess! Well, we’re here to make your life a little easier! This video by YouTuber Grant Thompson will teach you 10 life hacks for Christmas. You’ll love these ideas… watch them below!


Here are the ideas listed again for you…

  1. Inside out Chip Bag
  2. Tin Foil Wrap Holder
  3. Instant Envelope
  4. Condiment/Cookie Cutter Pancakes
  5. Stuck Tape
  6. Pine Scented Air
  7. Frosting In Squeeze Bottle
  8. Storing Lights
  9. Easy Chocolate Swirls
  10. Reused Gift Wrap

Aren’t these ideas awesome! I personally loved #9(Easy Chocolate Swirls), #7(Frosting In Squeeze Bottle), #6(Pine Scented Air) and #3(Instant Envelope)! I’m going to definitely give them a try this year! What was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

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Merry Christmas!


Video Courtesy: YouTube Channel of Grant Thompson

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