Adorable 2 Year Old Girl Will Steal Your Heart As She Lip Syncs Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”

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Taylor Swift really is America’s sweetheart and a household name; with her chart topping smash hit albums, Taylor Swift swiftly managed to secure a place in everyone’s heart, both children and parents alike. But, this adorable little 2 year old girl is giving Swift a run for her money as she lip sync’s to Swift’s worldwide superhit single “Shake It Off”. This little girl will literally steal your heart… watch her in action in the video below…


It hasn’t been even a week since the video was posted on YouTube by the Dad and it already generated over a million views! The internet is buzzing with comments about how adorably hilarious the little girl is while she delivers her epic lip sync performance. Well, she just got another fan on her book… and that is me!

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Video Source: YouTube channel of Mike Smith

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