How This Guy Made Ice Cream Was Pretty Cool… But What He Added At The End Blew My Mind!



Parents, what is the most favorite treat of your kids? I’m pretty sure most will answer ice cream! But this video will change the way you see ice cream forever! This man used “dry ice” to make homemade ice cream… but these ice creams come with a twist! These are carbonated fizzy ice creams! Perfect for a surprise treat for your kids! Watch the video below if you want to know how you can make this unique ice cream on your own…


Hmmm… that looks delicious! I think I’m going to try to make some of these ice creams, let’s see how they turn out… but I’m sure my kids are going to be surprised to taste a fizzy ice cream! And in case you are wondering, this is completely safe… just don’t try to eat the dry ice directly, otherwise it’s all good!

Would you try this recipe? Let us know if you have any other ideas regarding this unique recipe!

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Video source: YouTube channel of Grant Thompson

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