Beautiful Time-Lapse Video Shows You 9 Months Of Pregnancy In Under 2 Minutes! This Is AMAZING!

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This video is a tribute to all the moms out there. Raising a baby inside you for 9 months and finally giving birth to the baby… this is the toughest and yet most beautiful thing anyone can ever do. So, to commemorate her first ever pregnancy, Genevieve Damascus took photos of herself everyday for 9 months. And when she finally added up the photos, we found the most beautiful video ever made that shows the 9 months of pregnancy in less than 2 minutes! Watch the wonderful video below…


Isn’t it beautiful? Our bodies go through so much change during pregnancy, it can only be demonstrated in the right way using time-lapse videos. But how Genevieve did it is simply amazing… and the star of the video, the little baby boy for whom all this has happened – Griffin Damascus stole all our hearts!

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Video Source: YouTube channel of Mama Natural

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