This Man Saved Over 400 People’s Lives And How He Did It Is Just So Touching…



Sometimes, life can be too hard for us, it can sometimes get unbearable, and sometimes it gets really tough to move forward. Millions of family, parents and teenagers alike have succumbed to the dark grasp of depression. And when there is no hope to move on, people take the most difficult decision of their lives… Suicide!  Donald Ritchie is a hero who saved hundreds of lives from suicide, by simply offering them kind words and an invitation for tea. He has been doing this for over 50 years; being a resident near the most famous suicide spot in Australia, he has been carefully monitoring the surroundings at night… looking for people who have lost all hope and decided to quit on life. Whenever he found such depressed souls, he would walk up to them, and with his kind words he made them come back. He has saved the lives of over 400 people like this. Scroll down and watch his amazing story in the video below…


Don’s services to suicide prevention are truly remarkable. His kind words and invitations into his home in times of trouble have made an enormous difference. With such simple actions Don has saved an extraordinary number of lives who are now living a happy and meaningful life. For his wonderful contributions to the community, he has been awarded “Medal of the Order of Australia” and “Local Hero Award”. Sadly, this kind soul passed away on 13 May 2012, at age 86. But his deeds have left a lasting impact and he will forever be remembered as the brave man who saved hundreds of lives with his kind words.

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Video Source: YouTube

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