The Thing That Saved This Father’s Life Is Nothing Short Of A Miracle…



Thousands of families lose their loved ones in motor accidents every year… but sometimes, miracles happen and our loved ones survive fatal accidents without any harm. This is the miraculous story of Kaleb Whitby who survived a 26 car pileup recently on I-84 in Oregon. He was driving in icy cold weather when he suddenly saw the semi-truck in front him jackknife, he immediately pressed his breaks but lost control of his car because of the black ice on the road. Whitby’s truck smashed into the semi-trailer, and the force spun his car around.  “While I was sitting there helpless and in the dark, I looked out my passenger window and saw lights coming straight at me,” Whitby recalls. Those lights he saw were the lights of an oncoming semi. The crash pinned him between the two semi’s and his car was completely crushed. 23 other oncoming cars crashed into the scene. But miraculously this man survived with only some minor scratches and bruises! You will be amazed to see how he survived, watch his interview in the video below as he explains the miracle that saved his life…


Sometimes, God gives us second chances… he saves us from imminent death and life-threatening dangers… and then we realize how gifted we are, how grateful we should be to have this life. The value of our lives can only be fully realized when we face certain death, and we should be thankful to God for all the things he has given us. After experiencing this traumatic accident, Kaleb Whitby returned home to find his lovely wife and son waiting for him. “A lot of things in this life can be replaced,” Whitby says. “What I have with my family cannot. I’m more patient with and grateful for them and all that they do for me.” He came out of the accident a changed man… A man of faith, a man who believes in miracles.

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of CNN

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