TV Reporter Died After Rejecting Chemotherapy In Order To Save Her Unborn Child…



This story of a mother’s love and the sacrifice she made to save her child is just heart-warming, tragic and beautiful at the same time.

Qiu Yuanyuan, a 26 year old TV host in Zhengzhou, China was always dedicated to her work, often working 14 hour days without complaint, stated by her co-workers. But when Qiu found out she was pregnant on March 2014, her focus shifted to her unborn baby. Qiu’s husband, a reporter at the same station, tells the Zhengzhou Evening News that her “biggest wish” had been to be a mom. But fate had some other plans.



In July she found out on a physical examination that she had late stage malignant tumor. That left her with two options; either opt for chemotherapy treatment which has a possibility to cure her but at the same time harm the unborn baby because of exposure to all the radiation. OR she could skip chemo and proceed with the pregnancy normally, which can prove to be fatal for her life. She decided to opt out of cancer treatments in a selfless effort to save her baby.

The cancer then spread around her body – and she was admitted to a hospital in September when her conditioned worsened. There, she gave birth to Niannian by C-section in September, two months before her due date. Niannian had only been in her womb for seven months and weighed only 3.3 lbs upon his arrival.

Only then Qiu agreed to go through the operation to remove her tumor and 20 days of chemotherapy, but it was not enough. Qiu’s death came last Wednesday evening, after her family held a special meal to celebrate the baby’s 100th day since birth – which is a traditional custom in China.


Her husband Zhang Qixuan told the Zhengzhou Evening News: “After getting married, becoming a mother was her biggest wish. She chose to save our child. She understood that not everything in life can be perfect. And she said she had never regretted her decision.”

Her sacrifice has since been a worldwide news, sparking debate among people; with a group supporting her decision of sacrificing her health for the unborn baby… and another group of people saying she should’ve though about her own health before the baby’s. What do you think? Is it right that she opted out of all cancer treatments to save her baby? Or she should’ve taken the chemo and fought the cancer, and tried for another baby after she became healthy? Then again there’s no guarantee that the chemo can cure the cancer! Let us know in the comments section what you think…

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