This Girl Was Pulled Over By A Cop And Was Given 2 Tickets… Then She Cried With Happiness!



As parents, we don’t really like the thought of our kids getting traffic tickets. Understandably so, our kids aren’t fond of this idea either! But when 17-year old Audra was pulled over by a cop and was handed two tickets… she cried in happiness! So, what’s up with these tickets that made her happy instead of worried? Watch in the video below…


So, it was a surprise gift from Audra’s dad! He planned the whole thing… bought the tickets to Audra’s favorite band’s concert and with the help of Saukville Police Department Chief Jeff Goetz and Officer Brandon Depies… he gave his daughter the best surprise of her life! This is something I’m sure she is never going to forget! Well done dad!

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Video Source: YouTube

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