This Mother Is About To Completely Break Down… Then She Hears What Her Son Said…



As parents we have so many responsibilities to attend to. Taking care of the children, preparing food, attending to our own work, getting enough family time and then we keep checking that to-do list to get all the work done in time… and the pressure of all these can sometimes be quite overwhelming. This video accurately depicts how we spend our life with so much stress, yet at the end of the day, the most important things that are done by us aren’t even what we planned to do in the beginning!

This video shows this mother with 3 children, with so many things to do in a 24-hour time frame that she is getting stressed to her limits. When she was about to completely melt down, she hears her son say something that made her smile. Scroll down below to watch the full video, it will surely make you feel good.


We are always in a rush to tick off another item from our daily to-do list, but this video makes us realize that sometimes, the best things that we do weren’t even on our checklist! As we help a neighbor or family member, we often overlook the results. We worry about the things we never get done, but let’s take a look back and find out how much we’ve been able to help others. And that’s where true happiness lies.

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Video Source: YouTube

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